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RE: Multimeters
Thanks for the responses.

In a week I'll be a student again, after leaving the working world to study mecheng Tongue

So with this in mind, something that isn't going to break the bank, but I suppose my main concern would be reliability. I generally am willing to pay extra for something if it'll survive much better than the cheaper option and so tend to buy things with an aim to keep them for life, or at least until I require something with extra features because my need is suddenly more serious (work or hardcore hobbying).

Usage will really be just for mini projects and diagnostics on bits and bobs that fail for friends and family.

Budget wise, I'm in the UK but roughly converting I'd say like $50 or less ideally, but up to $150 if it's really really worth it.

In terms of vintage or new, I'm actually not fussed, as long as it's reliable I'm as happy with old solidly built kit as new, but just want to make sure it's the kind of thing that'll just keep going. Safety wise, I'm not planning on using this device to test anything of a dangerous level, but I suppose I'm not 100% certain where the danger level comes in - are we talking danger to the device melting, because that's a given to my knowledge of multimeters if you use it on settings with resistances too low for the power flowing - or are we talking actual danger to the user?

Also a side note, any advice on soldering irons would also be handy as I've previously used my grandfathers but I now live many hundreds of miles away - same deal with this also, willing to pay extra for something that'll last.

EDIT: Cheers Thomas for the EEVblog link, I watched that vid and then also went on to find his post #75 beginners buying guide... I'm starting to get more of a sense about the safety concerns (college electronics with everything at 1.5V doesnt quite give you the same realisation). I'd assumed products would have to be of a higher safety standard before it was legal to market them!

Also the chap presenting, definitely making me laugh, he isn't too keen on cheapo multimeters.
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