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09-13-2014, 08:51 PM
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RE: Multimeters
(09-13-2014 08:30 PM)Kyburo Wrote:  After watching a load of videos from EEV and Martin Lorton I'll probably end up going for one of these chaps:

I can get for around £40-50 depending on if its shipped from China or the UK. It does (as far as I can tell) have a load of features Jose recommended like the voltage, current and freq ranges; diode testing; auto hold; capacitance testing (although not quite down to 2nF); continuity testing.

Unfortunately no signal generation that I've seen, and perhaps not the best protection judging from the various video blogs but having said that I'm not planning on using this on anything above 240V mains in the future, and certainly not straight away! It'll mainly be battery powered items, or 240V mains items like my headphone amp when they're unplugged (although still potentially with a fair amount of charge stored). It does also have PC logging, no idea if I'll ever use that but hey!

Looks good enough and well above the average low end multimeter offerings.
And the PC logging interface to a PC is really handy for specific diy projects!

As you say, it misses the signal generator, but you can build a nice simple one as a small diy project.

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