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41CL Routine of the Week: "UPLGID"
09-17-2014, 02:57 PM
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RE: 41CL Routine of the Week: "UPLGID"
Let me echo for all just how incredible the PowerCL and Sandmath 3x3 really are.

For example, I had wanted to write a short program to compute SI, the Sin(X)/X integral. I did so and only later found out that SI is built into Sandmath and is in mcode.

Spend time going through the AMMC/OSX, the PowerCL Extreme, and Sandmath 3x3 manuals. It takes time and I'm still learning, but the payoff is incredible.

My setup:

Port 4 - Library 4 bank switched rom
Page 5 - Timer
Page 6 - PowerCL Extreme bank switched ROM
Page 7 - YFNX
Page 8 - AMMC/OSX bank switched ROM
Page 9 - Hepax ROM
Page A - Sandmath 3x3
Page B - Sandmath 3x3 (2nd page)
Page C - Hepax 4K ram

Pages D, E and F are still free. This allows for the SandMatrix rom (2 pages required) or other goodies to be plugged in and used.
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