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HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
09-23-2014, 08:28 PM
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RE: HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
(09-23-2014 03:42 PM)dbbotkin Wrote:  If you mean 'BUZZ100', probably a piezoelectric buzzer. Do you see anything on the board that could drive a speaker? Would a teacher want students to have that 'feature'?

The SoC has a full stereo sound output system which could have gone to a headphone socket at least. It also has a SD card interface. I wonder if the strain relief moulding at the bottom of the case in picture 2 might have been put there for a reason other than case closure. The TI-Planet webpage has links to various hardware docs that detail the capabilities of the SoC and memory chips.

Like most such devices, it includes a range of i/o pins that would make a neat data-logging device like an arduino, without that ridiculous proprietary add-on.

The neat keypad parts suggest it would be eminently possible for HP to correct its grevious color choices and ship everyone some replacement keys!
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