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HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
09-23-2014, 08:40 PM
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RE: HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
(09-23-2014 03:42 PM)dbbotkin Wrote:  If you mean 'BUZZ100', probably a piezoelectric buzzer. Do you see anything on the board that could drive a speaker? Would a teacher want students to have that 'feature'?

Yeah, I meant the BUZZ100 solder points. The idea was that hardware tinkerers could possibly add their own modifications; I really wasn't suggesting that HP actually put in a speaker (I am indifferent on the matter).

I would really like to see someone make a replacement set of keys since I don't think HP is going to do a new set any time soon (and if they do, it will only be available on new units and not as a mod kit).

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