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HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
10-13-2014, 07:37 PM
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RE: HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
(10-11-2014 04:38 PM)dbbotkin Wrote:  The h/p US tech-support crew did not even know about the SS410 and referred to "not supporting a discontinued product", presumably the old SS400. Then I found (on registration), that the US h/p database has an error in the part-number listing GBX92AA vs. the 'correct' G8X92AA.

Yet the plan (according to one tech person) is to roll out the "wireless" gear for the US holiday season.

All this seem strange considering that the "wireless kit" is a school, not personal item and what about the kids that have a NW280AA? Either there will be a 'software fix' to support the school environment (unlikely as the h/p advertising is clearly distinguishing the Primes) or there will be a quiet replacement plan (I would do this through the schools--"here Johnny, is your new calculator in exchange for you old one") or h/p will stonewall on the defect and fob off complaining customers with "there was an errata page in the package that says the calculator doesn't do what the package says it does."

We'll see if h/p still has "the right stuff" and offers anyone who needs one a replacement.

This doesn't seem to speak well for the Prime. I really hope HP gets everything sorted out for the holiday season. :-(

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