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HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
06-27-2017, 04:48 AM
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RE: HP Prime Hardware (internal and external)
(09-23-2014 03:42 PM)dbbotkin Wrote:  If you mean 'BUZZ100', probably a piezoelectric buzzer. Do you see anything on the board that could drive a speaker? Would a teacher want students to have that 'feature'?

BTW, there sure are a lot of vacant solder-pads on the board. For testing? Expansion?

I have to constantly remind myself--despite the power of the Prime--that the era of the calculator as the working tool for engineers and scientists has given way to larger, even more powerful devices. That the mission of the Prime (as seen by HP, I think) is to serve students in an educational setting. Hence, the ability for the instructor to 'wipe' the memory or impose restrictions on the functions that may be used.

I could envision a 'Pro' model of the Prime: free of 'test-taking' restrictions with some better I/O so that real data could be transferred or accessed quickly, perhaps over wireless connections. Imagine a Prime with a real-time feed of investment data and a stochastic trading model in the hands of someone who knew how to use it? Hmmmm . . .

Yes yes yes!!!! That is exactly what's needed. This catering to the lowest common denominator is annoying. I'm an engineer and the problem with these "other" tools is they require working on a laptop, which isn't effective when working with pen on paper while laying on your couch, where some of my best work is done......the calculator still is a hugely useful tool. The reason it isn't used as much as in the past is BECAUSE the calculator makers are making crappy calculators. The Prime is the only machine that comes close to what's needed.....and yes, we need access to the hardware with an asm instruction (to execute blocks of assembler) and wifi with USB I/O. Screw the kiddies.....I want a real tool.
I was using a tool called mathstudio on my phone before I got my prime. The prime is better.
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