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HP 41C Battery Contacts (Cleaning?)
09-23-2014, 09:08 PM
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RE: HP 41C Battery Contacts (Cleaning?)
(09-23-2014 01:10 PM)Eddie W. Shore Wrote:  Is there anything I can use to clean off corrosion (or rust?) the golden battery contacts of the HP 41C without having to take the calculator apart?

Thanks in advance,


I found I could improve intermittent power outages by gently rubbing the affected terminals with the edge of a piece of card (actually, torn from the blister packet the new batteries came in). This has so far returned the calculator to normal ops (a couple of months, clock still delivering the correct time, no MEMORY LOST messages). I've also been tempted by the availability of a replacement connector flex circuit you can find details of on this forum.
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