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LIF File Types: HP 41, 71, 75, series 80
09-26-2014, 10:24 PM
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RE: LIF File Types: HP 41, 71, 75, series 80
Thank you J-F,
yes it seems that detailed knowledge of the implementation bytes is not necessary for our purposes, it is just important to preserve that information during the process of copying ( or adding / extracting from/to DOS ).
Nevertheless it would be nice to have as much detailed information as possible for our new database.

I will translate J-Fs signed integers to 4 digit hex tomorrow. Hey, seems to be a nice little task for a programmable calculator! :-)
What about the file types created by AMPI Stat? Are there special files created by DATA TRANS or DATA COM modules, or by Curve Fit ?
Even software that wasn't included in a rom, but distributed on disks or tape, could have established their own file types. Wasn't there a spreadsheet program similar to HP 75 Visicalc for the HP 71? Certainly there is a file type for spread sheets?

What about file types for the 41? Files for buffers, X-Memory, Rom-Images in different formats, ...
Angel? Where are you? :-)

I am sure there are many more file types, but nevertheless J-Fs list a very good starting point, thank you!
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