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HP 35s and Solve button (but not in equation catalogue)
09-30-2014, 06:27 PM (This post was last modified: 09-30-2014 09:27 PM by Dieter.)
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RE: HP 35s and Solve button (but not in equation catalogue)
(09-30-2014 11:52 AM)mcjtom Wrote:  When I try to wrap function in programme, I get SOLVE ACTIVE message. What do I do from there?

Simple - avoid the error. ;-) The message means that you use Solve (or Integrate, for that matter) within a program that is being solved.

Quote:Here is the programme:

A001 LBL A
A002 FN= A
A004 RTN
B001 LBL B
B002 PxV=NxRxT
B003 RTN

I invoke it by XEQ A.

There is your error. You start the program at label A which then tries to solve itself (FN=A). This obviously makes no sense. You even want to solve for an unknown variable B which is not used anywhere.

Please keep in mind:

"FN=A" defines the function/program at label A as the one that is to be solved.
"SOLVE B" defines variable B as the one you want to know.

Here is an example for a correctly working program:

A001 LBL A
A002 FN=B ; solve the equation following label B
A003 SOLVE N ; and solve it for variable N (or P, or V, or R, or T)
A004 VIEW N ; display result (required within a program)
A005 RTN

B001 LBL B ; here is your program/equation
B002 PxV=NxRxT ; with these five variables P, V, N, R and T
B003 RTN

Please note the additional VIEW N statement in A004 that displays the result obtained by Solve. Within a program it is not displayed automatically. Simply because you may want to continue with that result instead of having it displayed. Within a program, Solve also works like a test command: if there is a result, the program continues with the next statement. If no result can be calculated, the next step is skipped (!).

(09-30-2014 11:52 AM)mcjtom Wrote:  Maybe SF 11 has something to do with it, but I wasn't able to successfully use it...

Flag 11 does not make a difference here. It just decides whether you are prompted for the variables or not. With flag 11 cleared you can use a sequence of INPUT statements (one for each variable) at the beginning of the program defining your function, and you will be asked for the known variables – cf. chapter 15 of the 35s manual.

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