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WP34s Emulator Printing
10-09-2014, 06:22 PM
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RE: WP34s Emulator Printing
There are existing two emulator packages, the original one for Windows in the binary package for real calculators and the OS independet Qt version in emulator package from Pascal. The emulator in the binary package contain no printer simulation so the manual from the binary package refer to my simulation which was already available.

My HP82240B Printer Simulator was specially designed to work together with my HP calculator emulators Emu28, Emu42 and Emu48 with main focus on text output. So the primary window only show text, an internal converter translate the Roman8 or ECMA94 character set to UNICODE characters. I need UNICODE to show most of the used characters. Because of text mode it's possible to Cut&Paste the text to an external editor. Important in this case is, that the editor also should work with UNICODE characters, otherwise, on the translation to ASCII, some characters could not be converted and are showed wrong. A second window show the printer output in graphic mode. Here you have also no possibilty to save the output as text, only as bitmap image. The number of lines in graphic mode should be limited to 32768. This limitation has no technical reasons, it only should limit the size of the bitmap.

In the case of WP34S you need sometimes the graphic mode, because not all WP34S characters are part of the printer fonts. So some single characters are printed as graphic which I cannot display in the text windows.

The advantange of Pascal's program is, it can run on many operating systems and is published under an Open Source license. My program was designed for Windows only, has a special freeware license allows you to distribute or adding the unmodified installer package in own products. The source code is not available. As stand alone project I spend some more time in additional features, whereas the focus in the Qt package is mainly on the WP34S emulator.
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