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WP 34S calculates "almost integers" (fun result)
10-14-2014, 07:47 PM
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RE: WP 34S calculates "almost integers" (fun result)
(10-14-2014 06:26 PM)Peter Van Roy Wrote:  Out of the box your 49g+/50g can't do it. With proper libraries, many calculators can do it - any calculator with CAS can easily have the libraries added. But out of the box, they are not there.

I know this is just for fun, and I'm not trying to be argumentative. But from my perspective, a 34s is no more "out of box" than any other unit with customized software installed. Don't get me wrong -- I'm very respectful and appreciative of the 34s and what it can do in a package with no more memory than it has. It is truly a wonderful achievement, and I'm definitely a big fan.

If you change your original assertion to saying the 34s is the fastest (and easiest) handheld that can evaluate that expression to 31 digits, then I would have to agree with you.
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