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Texas TI-59: A tale in pictures
03-27-2021, 11:52 AM
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RE: Texas TI-59: A tale in pictures
Thanks to everyone !

I had seen that video, the original post is a very good reference for restoring the TI-59
The author, Jose, did a also a wonderful one for the SR-52 and thanks to that guide we have restored few SR-52

We usually do HP-65s and HP67s
In that case, we measure the resistance of the head coils and then we connect the card reader
to the main logic board

Also those heads have 5 cables, a ground (black) and a 4 colored cables, which are the ends of the
coils and these are connected to the amplifier into what is called RA, RB, WA, WB
which I guess stands for read channel A, read Channel B, write channel A, write channel B with
few capacitors there as well, all in all very similar to the TI architecture

To see what's wrong, when the calculator does not read or write , we look at waves between one of the 4 channels
and ground, not between the channels themselves (I don't know if I made myself clear)
based on those waves we can understand if the amplifier has a problem or what's is going on when
a card is passing thru, whether si for reading or writing

i was expecting the same here, that why I was surprised
nevertheless we will do some tests and publish the results

thanks again to everyone !
take care !

Edoardo & Alberto
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