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Texas TI-59: A tale in pictures
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RE: Texas TI-59: A tale in pictures
Initial testing.

In order to test the machine without having to do a full assembly, three jumpers are needed in order to a successful power On.
On the 8-pin female connector, from left to right in the picture:
- Connect together the 2nd, 3rd and 4th pins (power on switch);
- Connect the 5th and the 8th pins (card reader sensor);
- Connect the 6th and the 7th pins (card reader sensor).

[Image: TI-59_063.jpg] [Image: TI-59_064.jpg] [Image: TI-59_065.jpg]

Repairing the Battery connector:

Another spare part taken from the TI-58: one battery connector.

[Image: TI-59_066.jpg] [Image: TI-59_067.jpg] [Image: TI-59_068.jpg]


A new keyboard foam was cut to the right size from a large sheet.
This foam is important to eliminate the extra gap between the plastic keys and the domes.
The right pressure on the keyboard is required to fit it into the plastic slots on the top cover, as the foam is pushing it out because it is a little on the thick side.
The back cover will put all in the right place, though.

[Image: TI-59_069.jpg] [Image: TI-59_070.jpg] [Image: TI-59_071.jpg]

The battery set was donated by the TI-58 as well.
[Image: TI-59_072.jpg]

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