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HP 35S - long live the RPN!
11-23-2014, 11:50 AM
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RE: HP 35S - long live the RPN!
Despite so many detractors, I find the HP-35S to be an excellent, versatile, well built, compact and powerful calculator.

Among the current HP production, besides this HP-35S what do we have?
The HP-12C, the HP-50G and the HP-Prime.
The 12C is a landmark in longevity but oriented to the financial market.
The 50G is a blast from the past, powerful and big to carry around.
And then we have the Prime, a beautiful piece of modern up to date technology, full blown math machine environment that runs as fast as it is possible on a somewhat compact pocket computer.

IMHO, for daily usage to carry around, the HP-35S fits the bill nicely, better than the other HP offerings.
My advice for those that still don't have the HP-35S in the collection: get one or two now, before it will be too late to acquire them for peanuts.

As for the WP-34S, it is an excellent and unique RPN implementation, sporting a set of impressive math features.
If one is on the diy route, get a couple of HP-30B while the prices are low, order the keyboard overlays and the Xtal/caps set, build one serial/USB cable and flash it with the WP-34S firmware.
Or just order it ready made from Eric.

35 years between these two HP models of my collection: the original 35 and the 35S.

[Image: HP-35_HP-35S_001.jpg]

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