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WP43S, may I contribute?
11-30-2014, 12:28 PM
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WP43S, may I contribute?
Dear brouhaha, mvcube, paulidale, wbonin,

This is my first post, so I may introduce myself.
I am a software developer living in Germany and programmable calculators like the TI-57 and the HP-11C led me to my current profession.

This summer I started to play around with the Arduino platform and after blinking LEDs, using a super sonic sound transceiver to measure distances, controlling displays and even connecting to the ethernet I came up with the idea to do a small 4-level RPN calculator inspired by the HP-11C.

After some research I used the very same decNumber library that is used in the WP34S project and shortly after that I wanted to have trigonometric functions etc. and I came along the WP34S project: Seeing that kind of frustrated me! Such a cute case, such a beautiful keyboard compared to my self-soldered monster...

I got over my frustration and completed a decent 4 level stack calculator that displays the whole stack in a 16x4 display running on an Arduino Mega 2560 using your routines from decn.c/h.
Still not content with my keyboard though, to say the least.

Now I see that the diminishing availability of HP 20b and HP 30b has driven you to build your own WP43S hardware. When are you ready to share your considerations and decisions? Wouldn't it be nice to be Arduino compatible? One could develop on a cheap Arduino Due clone (84MHz ARM 96KB SRAM, 512KB Flash at 15€!) and later on switch to the integrated calculator hardware.
Making the calculator hardware software compatible to the Arduino platform could raise the demand and therefor lower the price considerably.

Can I contribute in any way?

Greetings from Bonn
Georg Bisseling

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