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HP-35S: Got another one - Year 2012?
12-11-2014, 09:51 PM
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HP-35S: Got another one - Year 2012?
Today I have received yet another HP-35S to join my other one that I own since some years ago.
I love this machine. It is very well built, using screws to fix the components (no heat stakes here like the ones used in the Pioneers series) to give high structural integrity and easy access to the hardware internals. Add powerful features and very good documentation including comprehensive learning modules. Buggy firmware? Yes, as any other calculator will show in more or less degree.

Now, to the point:
I'm not sure about on how to interpret the serial numbers of these machines.
My first unit has s/n: CNA 72800051
The second one s/n is: CNA 21200BH

If the 1st unit has a date of 2007 week 28, does it mean that the 2nd unit should be 2012 week 12?
And while the remaining sequence of "00051" seems ok to me, what about "00BH"?

Anyone has some clue about this (probably Chinese) coding?

[Image: HP-35_HP-35S_002.jpg]

Both shows the same Firmware revision code number "0".

[Image: HP-35_HP-35S_003.jpg]

[Image: HP-35_HP-35S_004.jpg] [Image: HP-35_HP-35S_005.jpg]

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