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HP-39GII: Will it become a desired collectible?
01-14-2015, 02:19 PM
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RE: HP-39GII: Will it become a desired collectible?
(01-12-2015 09:24 PM)Hlib Wrote:  It is first necessary to rememder about deception of the real RAM size and inaccessible 80MB of flash (as be said in an advertisements).

Not sure I understand what "deception" you are talking about. If I am remembering correctly after all this time, there was 256KB of RAM, and 128MB of flash in the 39gII.

Approximately 240KB of RAM was left for the user, and something like 105 MB of flash. While it would be difficult to fill up the flash because you'd basically have to create large files (through communication or manually), power down the calculator, power it up, then do a full reboot (in order to save the files to RAM, then flash, then on reboot it wouldn't load the flash files into RAM until useage)

I personally had one that had a bit more then 90MB saved on it. I agree it wasn't extremely easy to use the "80MB" of flash, but I can't see what deception you are talking about.


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