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BeOS Users?
02-01-2015, 01:18 AM
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RE: BeOS Users?
(01-10-2015 10:50 AM)John W Kercheval Wrote:  Just bought the BeOS and will begin experimenting with it soon. Any users?

I like Neal Stephenson's description of BeOS from "In the Beginning was the Command Line".

The analogy between cars and operating systems is not half bad, and so let me run with it for a moment, as a way of giving an executive summary of our situation today.

Imagine a crossroads where four competing auto dealerships are situated.


One of them (Be, Inc.) is selling fully operational Batmobiles (the BeOS). They are more beautiful and stylish even than the Euro-sedans, better designed, more technologically advanced, and at least as reliable as anything else on the market--and yet cheaper than the others.

Somewhere in my storage unit I have a BeBox--complete with dual "Blinkenlights". I doubt it would boot today.


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