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WP 34S: Quick access to bitwise operations as on the 16C
01-27-2015, 02:09 AM
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RE: WP 34S: Quick access to bitwise operations as on the 16C
(01-26-2015 05:57 AM)John Galt Wrote:  This is very cool stuff Bit. Thank you!

A couple of thoughts: considering that a programmer is going to make almost exclusive use of programming functions, in other words no need for trig, etc. have you given any thought to creating a permanent, custom adhesive label? The idea would be that a programmer might want to have a dedicated WP34S just for that purpose.

I am at a disadvantage because I am not familiar with how Eric Rechlin came to take on that project, but it seems the hard part would be creating the dies, not the artwork. It might not be all that difficult for him to create a new one, perhaps from artwork you supply.

Along those lines, if that were an option, it would make sense to label the top row A - F all the way left to right.

It would be a better 16C than the 16C ever was (already is, IMO).

My original intention was to allow very efficient access to bitwise operations if you already have a WP 34S. No new overlay necessary, just flash the updated firmware and you get a layout that's easy to learn and use without changing anything on the 34S and without making the scientific functionality any less accessible. I consider this an important goal in its own right and I'd like to provide a good solution.

I'm not sure how useful it'd be to create an overlay that's basically the same as the cheat sheets I produced because I think it's much easier to learn that shifts are on S and rotates on R and so on than to remember which statistical functions are where. That said, I wouldn't mind spending some time on it if there's demand for it. I can't manufacture the overlays but I could create the artwork.
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