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HP16C display problems
09-27-2015, 05:31 PM
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RE: HP16C display problems
(09-27-2015 05:02 PM)Fabio Muller Wrote:  Hello guys, last year a finally bought a HP16C at ebay but there was a little problem with the display that leaked in the middle upper section. It's a small leakage, the display is working and it's readable but I would like to repair. So , I bought I an old used 12C (10,00 bucks, working)) same type of battery connection and so on..., did the surgery, became expert on changing the voyager display, but did not work. It's the rubber one (not soldered) and it's definitely not the same type. The 16C seems a little bit more "greenish" and the 12C pulls more for a yellow (or brown) and I have two 12C and both has the same display. If you look at ebay , the most similar example is the 11C. I think 11C and 16C may share the same display. If I replace the ones I have , it powers on 16C but with some segments off or not well defined. I'm taking all care in put them at the exact position, so that I could get to remove and swap them fine and put back to their original places and they continue to work as before. At first time is a little trick but after some practice you managed it fine. So , my doubt is if somebody already had the same problem or if somebody knows if the displays are different among the voyager series.

See reply from rprosperi above he did find a suitable donor and I did the surgery for him, the donor 12C serial started with 2224A to give you an idea of the time frame it was built.
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