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A couple of things 43s related
02-25-2015, 05:39 AM (This post was last modified: 02-25-2015 05:42 AM by MarkHaysHarris777.)
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A couple of things 43s related
Hey, it dawned on me today (again) that if 'one' calculator can run famously in 'one' micro-controller, perhaps another calculator might run brilliantly in 'another' micro-controller.

I have officially pulled out my Arduino (I'm experimenting on the Uno, but my eye is on the Mega) units (and my Raspberry PI) and have begun working on a prototype RPN (four line, open hardware, open software) that will move forward into the future (whether HP moves forward or not). The repurposing idea was great; now we need another idea (that takes the whole thing to another level) and more people need to be involved this time around. i would like to see sixteen prototypes all going at the same time--- get it figured out right, and soon.

My Update Station R3 is on the board too. The flashing and image control on the Raspberry PI, and the instrumentation on the Arduino (either nano, or Uno);


Another funny thing happened on the way to the moon... I got to looking over my dead ten-key machines "Royal C130" for instance... or my IML (cheap but large display) and noticed something. They both have a case that would support the Arduino Mega, they both have a nice and large seven segment display (12 digits), and they both support a 5x6 lattice for the keyboard (30 keys, function keys, and at least ONE large key for [STACK]). Rather than repurpose the guts, I'm going to repurpose the shell, and put my guts inside, along with my brain storm, and a VERY nice micro-controller. But that's just a stop-gap... well, like the 34s... what we really need is a real keyboard, over a real shell; with our own stuff inside.

First binary, then a four banger... then the sky is the limit. Every body start your engines... and grab a micro-controller development station.


Kind regards,
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