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Portable Plus - Additional RAM
03-20-2015, 02:05 PM
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RE: Portable Plus - Additional RAM
Thank you Martin for the helpful information about Turbo C 1.5.
I was not sure about the IDE, I didn't test it yet, now I know that it won't work; it is a pity, obviously Borland made use of BIOS calls.
But of course a command line version is better than nothing, and it saves RAM disk space.
An EPROM set of two 512 kBit EPROMs only provides 128kByte. I guess Turbo C 1.5 command line version needs a lot more? A zip file of your config would be nice to have.

Perhaps one day someone will design a RAM extension for the RAM drawer. You mentioned that the hardware interface is well documented. Do you refer to the PP service manual and technical reference manual, or are there additional sources?
(Just in case I can find a hardware guru who would be willing to dive into the project. :-) )
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