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Portable Plus - Additional RAM
03-23-2015, 11:49 PM
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RE: Portable Plus - Additional RAM
Martin mentioned that he allocated just about 400 kB of RAM for main memory.
Since 512 kB are possible, there shouldn't be a main memory bottleneck even if the Squish device driver takes 36 kB.

I just have tested LZEXE (exe-file compression tool from 1990 ) in DOSBox. It reduces the TCC file size by 50 % ! The increase of the size of the executable in RAM is neglectable ( a few hundred bytes ). LZEXE was famous for its high compression rate. I guess Squish won't be able to compress EXE-FILES that efficiently. On the other hand, it certainly is much more comfortable to handle. Therefore I am looking forward to your files or ROM image, Dave!

The optimal strategy ( for saving electronic disk memory ) seems to be:
- compress TCC along with linker, make.exe and other executables using LZEXE and burn the result into an EPROM
- install Squish and use A: as a compressed drive.

But we have to consider that some executables won't work when compressed, e.g. Turbo Debugger.
( It checks its own file size on disk ).
Probably Squish can be configured so that it doesn't compress the whole drive, but only a given folder (=virtual drive ?)
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