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and now for something completely different...
03-19-2015, 03:09 AM
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RE: and now for something completely different...
(03-19-2015 01:00 AM)matthiaspaul Wrote:  
(03-18-2015 10:55 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote:  And, not to put too fine a point on it, when the hardware platform is gone it will be gone.
I don't agree. . . . we still have the PC emulator and ports as smartphone apps. With minor changes to the virtual calculator architecture, we could even continue to develop the calculator far beyond the capabilities of the original hardware platform.
. . .
Finally, the firmware is written in a high-level language, and therefore it can be ported to other platforms. One such platform is the potentially future 43S, but the hardware of the Prime would be more than capable as well (actually, it would be overkill, but it is readily available and not too expensive - so, why not unless we'd find a better hardware platform).

Matthias, good to here from you... your insights are interesting, particularly EE... I do not disagree with your thesis, not in the slightest. Virtual calculators are the primary reason IMHO that the HP calculator market has dried up (not to mention the TI classroom emphasis, nor the departure from customer driven market quality). The simple fact is that people are not going to carry many gadgets, and the tablet and phone are the clear winners; particularly droid. So, virtual calculators are going to loom large (if they loom at all) in a virtual reality as emulation. My son and daughter (and I myself) were using the WP34s emulator before we actually had a 'real' repurposed device. That emulator is one fabulous piece of software engineering-- truly fabulous.

On the other hand, you are dead wrong. There is a considerable market sphere which HP has forgotten about (nor cares about). These people are in their fifties or sixties (remember the fifties and sixties) and want a 'real' hand-held scientific calculator with rotate and click buttons, executes in RPN, and has a special kind of wow factor. The WP34s is pretty spectacular, no doubt, but think if it were mounted in the HP35s case with the 35s keyboard??! Now, that WOULD be spectacular. HP does not care to manufacture it, because they think its a lost business case | cause. Well, and good. Because those of us who want that kind of device are finally in a position, in this 'next industrial revolution,' where we will just make it ourselves. Its really that simple.

If my micro 3D printer is not 'good' enough, I will refine it until it IS good enough. I can make a plastic case too, and I can make keys. Just takes spirit, imagination, determination, and a reason. The reason is simple; I want to, and I must.


Kind regards,
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