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EL9900G Programming
03-22-2015, 11:55 AM
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RE: EL9900G Programming
(03-22-2015 11:06 AM)joluc Wrote:  I'm programming since a few years on a SHARP EL-9900G.
What processor does it have?

As long as you cannot program it in machine language this doesn't matter too much.

(03-22-2015 11:06 AM)joluc Wrote:  What programming language is it?
(Everybody says it is TI-Basic, but it seems more familiar to qbasic)

It's the Sharp EL9900G programming language, what else? Calculators typically do not use any of the common programming languages but feature their own unique language. Earlier machines (think of the PC-12xx series) used to implement some form of BASIC. Programs can even be shared across manufacturer boundaries if the more or less subtle differences are taken into account (see my BASIC Comparison Sheet).

With the advent of graphing calculators the programming languages have moved away from BASIC (no more line numbers, different keywords and control structures), and from each other as well.

(03-22-2015 11:06 AM)joluc Wrote:  How to update the ROM?

I don't know if the device is flashable at all. The link you posted is an old thread of mine asking the same question.

(03-22-2015 11:06 AM)joluc Wrote:  ( I hope it's okay to ask that there, i found a thread like this in the archive)

The board is OK, the sub forum probably not. I've asked the moderators to move the thread to the "Off Topic" area. I hope you don't mind.

Marcus von Cube
Wehrheim, Germany
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