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WP 34S Manual Calculation Guide (pdf!)
04-09-2015, 03:39 PM (This post was last modified: 04-09-2015 04:40 PM by John Galt.)
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RE: WP 34S Manual Calculation Guide (pdf!)
(04-08-2015 11:46 AM)walter b Wrote:  Nevertheless every language needs a neutral expression for this thing here and that thing there ("dies und das") - I'll wait for a native speaker explaining the subtleties.

As a native English speaker (admittedly, the American bastardization of it) a definition using fewer words than Gerald H's is unlikely to remain correct. Such a sparse explanation implies experience writing efficient code desirable for calculators like the WP 34S.

Had to keep this on topic you know.

Quote:In English "this" approximates & "that" distances


Also, as a native (American) English speaker it might interest you to know that certain regional dialects often implement that expression with the phrases "this here" and "that there" respectively. Those expressions can be approximated phonetically by "dis here" and "dat dare". Presumably, that helps prevent misunderstanding among those less familiar with the subtleties regarding "this" and "that".

Those same regional dialects often make up for one of English's many shortcomings, one of which is the lack of any distinction between the pronoun, singular "you" and its plural. For example, the German language offers "du" (or "Sie") to address the second person singular pronoun and "ihr" to indicate its plural. English's respective equivalents are "you" (or "you"), and, unhelpfully, "you". When addressing one's spouse, one's boss, or the entire world's population, the same word "you" is not only equally applicable, it's the only word we have. There are others commonly known to American TV viewers, but they are not considered polite.

Regional dialects attempt to compensate for that omission with the phrase "you all"; phonetically, "yawl". Ironically this may convey an impression of ignorance. In the spirit of open-mindedness I prefer to think they are just trying to be accurate.

As far as I know English is unique among languages for that omission. Such shortcomings and the misunderstandings that result from deficiencies in communication could conceivably explain the popularity of various wars and police actions that also characterize primarily English-speaking nations. But I digress.
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