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HP Prime does not work anymore HELP!
04-18-2015, 08:55 PM
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HP Prime does not work anymore HELP!
Im having serius problems with my Hp prime. And I really dont know what to do.
5 months ago I bought a Hp prime.
And half a month ago I upgraded to the latest firmware, everything normally!!!
But two days ago I was doing some sums and my calculator is turned off!
I tried turning it on and never more I could do it!

I tried:
On+ Symb -> Does not work
Apps +On +Esc -> Does not work
Symb +behind reset -> Does not work
F+C+O+On -> Does not work
charge the battery overnight -> Does not work

Is there anything I can do? please HELP ME!

Sometimes the calculator shows me a white window and then turns off again.
I'm in Bolivia and I have no way to access the technical support!
Would be very grateful if somebody can help me.
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