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USB to Serial on Windows-8
04-20-2015, 01:29 PM
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RE: USB to Serial on Windows-8
(04-20-2015 12:44 PM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  With my XP machine finally gone for good to see the wizard I'm fighting the Win-8 absurdity at the moment. The biggest problem I have it with the USB to serial port adaptor; it appers that some/all Prolific chips are not supported. Tried all the suitable drivers available at their web site to no avail, so I'm about to throw the towel and move to a FTDI choice.

Does anyone know if the FTDI unit will be compatible with the PIC programmer used for the Clonix/NoVORAM?? Needless to say that and the CL serial link are amongst my most important applications and I need them to work!


Hi Ángel,

My system is Windows 8 also and I've gone through the same set of problems as you - only with my Ham Radio equipment. Some use the prolific chips and some use the FTDI. So I have both installed. I was fortunate that I had "real" FTDI cables and not the counterfeit ones, so I avoided the fiasco that happened a few months ago. The FTDI just auto installed and worked with no problems.

The last radio I bought this year came with a prolific cable and they gave me a driver that worked fine. It was an older driver than what is on prolific's website - version 1.8.0. One thing you have to watch for - don't plug the cable in until after you install the driver. Otherwise Windows will auto-install the wrong driver and the cable won't see the correct driver.

If you want to try my driver, you can download it from following Yaesu web page:

SCU-19 USB Driver

The one I used was for the SCU-19 USB at the bottom of the page.

I don't know if this will work with your cable or not, but might be worth a try.

Smithville, NJ
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