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USB to Serial on Windows-8
05-26-2015, 03:31 PM
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RE: USB to Serial on Windows-8
Well, I have found it to be quite stable after I used the 'Rollback Driver' option when it presented itself. Not sure what circumstances enables that option after an automatic upgrade but guessing that it tells Windows that I really want that old driver? Having said that, I'm sure Windows is watching now and will prove me wrong very shortly and heaven knows what will happen when we get to Windows 10 and beyond!

Seriously though, while I'm no fanboy of MS, this looks more like a Prolific choice to drive the market to newer chipsets. As far as I can see if it can work under Windows 7 64-bit then there is no real reason it can't work under Windows 8 apart from a bit more effort on driver signing and they did that anyway to support the newer chips, so? Then again I haven't disassembled the thing and checked it that deep...

Either way, it is concerning that our perfectly good hardware may be rendered obsolete without use of obsolete OS/chipset driver at some point...guess some suits somewhere sees that as progress...but if it means I need to buy a new compatible burner I will.

Meanwhile, a 30+ year old calculator design lives on oblivious, unchanged yet amazing things still built upon it by you all...thank you!
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