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Issue with Defined User function (in FW 7820)
05-15-2015, 10:36 PM
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RE: Issue with Defined User function (in FW 7820)
(05-15-2015 09:42 PM)salvomic Wrote:  
(05-15-2015 09:35 PM)Arno K Wrote:  Hello Salvo,
So I have no problem doing a hard-reset.
Well, I think you can't easily manage this, as you are desperatedly looking for help. What about making copying all files from the calc to the ConnKit, hard-resetting the calc and then playing back the copied files one by one to see, which file was causing these Problems.

hi Arno,
I've a backup, indeed. I've a backup from first of upgrade and one after it.
I tried already with two (soft?) reset: on+Symb, then with the "hole" behind the calc...
I got rid of all others invalid objects but not of the last of them, that now I've -in some way- changed into a "real" (14).
I tried more time to delete in two way: shift-mem -> User variables -> Delete and DelHVars("ramp") (as ramp is its name), it go away but after the reset or only after the refresh in CK the object ...reappear, magically ;-)

In CK Variables -> Clear does nothing, instead.


Hi Salvo,
in your place I would expect it to be a fault of the CK, it seems to "reinstall" some variables after Connection so:

First try clearing the folders in 'MyDocuments/HP Connectivity Kit' on your PC, restart the Prime with 'Esc Apps On' or something with the paperclip and connect it to the PC, if this works, reinstall one program after the other.
If this doesn't work, do a clean reinstall of the CK (even check the registry for remainders of the CK and delete them), rename 'MyDocuments/HP Connectivits Kit' to whatever you want, reset the calc and reinstall the CK.
From my side the CK seems to have some problems connecting to the calcs and getting the values of variables, I sometimes cannot open/edit them
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