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HP41CX Flagship
05-15-2015, 07:24 PM (This post was last modified: 05-15-2015 07:25 PM by TASP.)
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HP41CX Flagship
Have received back from The Dominican Republic 2 HP41 calculators I sent to Diego for modification.

I had an HP41CX with an already installed 2X speedup (more like 75%, but who's counting) and another wallflower HP41CX and I wanted both to have 2 XMems installed internally. Also, the 2X machine I wanted my ZenROM hard wired to port 4 upper. I almost always have a card reader installed, and they share a port nicely. If the card reader stays home, any other 4K ROM can park there. No restrictions on the other 3 ports.

I also sent 2 HPIL modules, and had my XI/O installed in one, and my Devel in the other. In the meantime, had another HPIL module turn up with an existing XI/O already installed by EduCALC back in the day. LOL, now I have 2 like that !!

(note, I can't remember for sure, but my 2X machine might have been originally bought as new that way from EduCALC. I see in their old catalogs they offered new stock premodded that way, and I'm thinking right out of the gate mine worked that way. I recall sending my XFun and 2 XMems to SOS/David White for combining, but I just cannot recall how my CX wound up as a 2X machine. Maybe we'll figure it out somehow. I might have the paperwork somewhere . . . )

I installed the card reader, the HPIL/Devel combo, a PPCRom, and an Advantage in the ports and ran Cat 2

At 2X it took almost exactly 1:45, at normal speed, just a fraction of a second short of 3 minutes. I'm thinking there are not too many HP41 calculators that can take 3 minutes to do a Cat 2 !!

Diego has done an EXCELLENT thing here, I've got a very stock looking HP41CX that almost has super powers!!

Doing the inventory, the CX has built in the Time Module (1), the XFun (2) and Diego has added 2 XMems (3 and 4) and a Zen (5). I've plugged in his combo HPIL (6 and 7) a PPC (8), an Advantage (9), and a card reader (10). Compare to the AME port extender, which adds 7 ports but ties up one of the 4 originals, for a net of 10 (on a C or CV) and I'm there.

I couldn't be any happier, the longest part of the entire process was returning US customs, way slower than the Caribbean equivalent. And that was no surprise for me. My last experience with them took months. Grr !

Even my second HP41CX is no slouch, it falling short of 'flagship' status by only a Zen and a speedup.

LOL, having a great day today.

2speed HP41CX,int2XMEM+ZEN, HPIL+DEVEL, HPIL+X/IO, I/R, 82143, 82163, 82162 -25,35,45,55,65,67,70,80
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