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HP41CX Flagship
05-19-2015, 02:18 AM
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RE: HP41CX Flagship
LOL, never saw this mentioned anywhere else (but I will go look later) and I was surprised to discover a problem.

I've been practicing loading programs in the machine (easy synthetics with the Zen! Woot !!) and decided to enter the '2 minute' calendar program and after a bit, realized I hadn't engaged 2X as some of the commands were pokey to enter, so I wiggled the magnet and got to it. When done, the program would not run, hanging on the first PRBUF instruction. (I'm using the I/R printer) I looked over the calculator memory, and didn't see any problem, so I attempted to PRP the program. The lines are printed, but with extraneous '0' characters all over.


Decided to go back to regular speed, and then all is fine. Program runs fine, and lists OK too. Clearly, this isn't an issue with the I/R printer, it's the I/R module in the calculator having the issue. I'm not sure if this is just a 2X problem (my machine runs at 175%) or if it is a 2X problem with a Zen on board.

This is my only 2X machine, and the Zen is hardwired, so I'm not going to be able to troubleshoot where the issue is. And I'm not really bothered by this. It is more interesting than anything else. I know there were design concerns at HP with the I/R printer slowing down as the batteries age, and the I/R module might be 'fussy' about a 2X machine as a result.

Not that big a deal, that's why the 2X mod came with a switch, and the 2X worked fine while entering the program, just bothered when running it. I get time, I'll compare the 82162 and the 82143 performance and report back, could be even more interesting if there are more hijinks!

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