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A mathematical program SLK 4.1b (Straight Line Kit) for HP Prime. "Updated-Sep-2018"
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A mathematical program SLK 4.1b (Straight Line Kit) for HP Prime. "Updated-Sep-2018"
SLK4.1b [Updated] This new version works fine on FW:13865, DO NOT run it on FW 14181 (It just got broken)
(Straight Line Kit) is an application specially focused on the straight line.

.zip  SLK (Size: 501.71 KB / Downloads: 89)

.zip  SLK (Size: 547.98 KB / Downloads: 26)

This is all you can do with SLK4.1b:
1. Find the Distance between two Points.
2. Find the Slope between two Points.
3. Find the The equation between two points.
4. Find the Distance between Point & Line.
5. Find the MidPoint and EndPoint of a straight line.
6. Find the Point-Slope Equation of a straight line.
7. Transformations straight line equations from:
Ax+By+C=0 to y=mx+b and vice versa.
8. Find the coordinate representation of a straight line.
9. Determine whether or not two straight lines are parallel or Perpendicular.
10. Find the (x) & (y) Intercepts of a straight line.
11. Find the intersection point between two straight lines.
12. Transform a non-standard form equation into a standardized form of it.
13. Divide a segment into points or sub-segments.
14. Linear Interpolation / Extrapolation.

September 2018 (SLK 4.1b English) 279kb. Tested ONLY on Firmware version: 13865.
•Fix some graphical issues with the intro and other sections due to the last 2 FW updates.
•A couple of corrections to this manual.
•New color theme.

January 2017 (SLK 4.1 English) 278kb.
• A new section called: Linear Interpolation/Extrapolation was added!
• A bug in the y=mx+b ⇒ Ax+By+C=0 section was fixed.
• SLK 4.1 User manual minor additions.
• Tested on Firmware versions: 10637 and 10638.

December 2016 (SLK 4.0 English) 274kb.
•Now SLK 4.0 comes as an App.
•Graphic Help was added to each section.
•A new section called: SEGMENTS was added!
•A new welcome screen was added.
•A bug in the Equation Transformation section was fixed.
•SLK 4.0 User manual minor additions.
•Tested on Firmware versions: 10637 and 10638.

April 2016 (SLK 3.3 English) 173kb.
•Now compatible with Firmware version 10077.
•SLK3.3 NO longer works on earlier versions of firmware.
•More redundant code was removed.
•Minor corrections to SLK 3.3 User manual.

February 2016 (SLK 3.2 English) 173kb [It works only on FW: 8151 or earlier].
•File size was optimized.
•A bug regarding Parallel Lines [Fixed].
•Redundant texts were removed.
•Minor corrections to SLK 4.1b User manual.

November 2015 (SLK 3.1 English) 187kb.
•A little optimization on the file size (about 2.6%)
•A couple of messages were modified for better understanding.
•Code has been modified to improve reliability on the results.
•No more garbage in the terminal screen.
•No more messing with User settings, now User settings are kept untouched.

May 2015 (SLK 3.0 English) 192kb.
•Introducing (SLK 3.0).

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