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05-18-2015, 02:13 AM
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Hi Everybody,

I have owned and regularly used a HP-28s since it was introduced and I have always loved that calculator to pieces. Two things annoy me though:

1. The lack of I/O and external storage
2. The really odd batteries which are next to impossible to locate where I am living

Because of this - and for fun - I decided to get myself a HP 50g. A few things became immediately clear:

1. The HP 50g is a lot harder to use than the HP-28, primarily because of the keyboard.
2. The documentation is quite poor and disorganised.

I _know_ this has been discussed before a few times, but it really seems that the HP calculators in general is a perfect target for a specialized Mediawiki-based site. So, the question is, why has this never materialized? And that is really what I am trying to ask here. Is it because nobody really care about these dinosaurs any longer? Is it because nobody want to share their knowledge? Or is it simply because nobody ever got it up and running?

I am quite familiar with Mediawiki and I do have a server that could be used for the purpose, so if anybody were interested, I'd be happy to get the server up and running. As mentioned earlier I am in the process of getting my head around the device, so I will probably put my notes on a wiki anyway (since that is usually how I work).

I am aware that there is a quite good wiki for the Texas calculators and that is pretty much what I had in mind for the HP calculators.

So please, anybody's got any thoughts on this topic.
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