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Gallery: The HP Prime PNG/JPG Image Viewer [UPDATED V2.4.0 2023-07-28]
05-18-2015, 04:22 PM
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RE: Gallery: The HP Prime PNG Image Viewer
(05-18-2015 04:12 PM)petaks01 Wrote:  Unfortunately the test image I added in the CK just got stuck in the tree and didn't show up on the calc. Could not delete image from tree and had to remove entire app branch to remove the failed image.

When you add a file in the connkit it doesn't automatically save it to the calc. I didn't want it to try sending the whole app every time you added a file. At the moment, you need to open the app editor, make a text change somewhere which will flag the app as needing a "Save". Then when you hit save it will send the app. If you didn't tweak the app data at all, your files weren't sent along and nothing happened when you hit save.


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