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Gallery: The HP Prime PNG/JPG Image Viewer [UPDATED V2.4.0 2023-07-28]
05-20-2015, 01:28 AM
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RE: Gallery: The HP Prime PNG Image Viewer [UPDATED V1.0.6 19-05-15]
(05-20-2015 12:19 AM)uklo Wrote:  Great work man, thanks for the App. I just was wondering something... it is possible to actually use the Storage (+190MB) of the calculator? When i save many images the Memory just get full and it's only like 10MB.

Gracias nuevamente, buen trabajo!

Hi Uklo,
The problem is a little bit complicated to solve and isn't related just by available memory space. The issue is:

1. The calculator has two types of memory: RAM (32Mb) and Flash (256Mb)
2. The above values ​​are theoretical, in real life we ​​have a 12MB available RAM and 190MB Flash.
3. When transferring files to the calculator, the file itself occupies space in the Flash memory (which is actually a pretty big memory considering the size of the saved PNG), but the RAM also is filled with information, ie. USB Buffers, image display, calc. operations, math, etc ... all that occupies RAM.
4. When the RAM is full, the calculator has limited behavior and a reboot is necessary to make space in RAM.
5. The error you are viewing warns about the little space in RAM (which was filled by the USB buffer and so...) and not the Flash space (which remains high).

Maybe and hopefully soon, HP release a new firmware that has a better administration of RAM, with periodic cleaning to optimize to the maximum the memory so that the calculator does not "hang" doing operations like USB transfers, doing math, etc.

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