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Gallery: The HP Prime PNG/JPG Image Viewer [UPDATED V2.4.0 2023-07-28]
05-20-2015, 03:34 PM
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RE: Gallery: The HP Prime PNG Image Viewer [UPDATED V1.0.6 19-05-15]
(05-20-2015 01:28 AM)mandresve Wrote:  5. The error you are viewing warns about the little space in RAM (which was filled by the USB buffer and so...) and not the Flash space (which remains high).

Maybe and hopefully soon, HP release a new firmware that has a better administration of RAM, with periodic cleaning to optimize to the maximum the memory so that the calculator does not "hang" doing operations like USB transfers, doing math, etc.

It isn't "cleaning" of RAM in this case. When an application is sent, it is sent in a single object - not as a series of small files. This means if you have 10MB of data in a directory, it will be 10MB when it arrives at the calculator.

If you have that many images you want, make a copy of the viewer application and split them up. Then you should be fine.

I've put on the list for future potential enhancements to explore sending files in separate objects rather then packaging them together.


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