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Index: Games/utils/others in HP Software Library
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Index: Games/utils/others in HP Software Library
HP Prime games/utils/others in
HP Software Library
(Updated to January 28, 2014)

Please, reply to this thread with any updates or changes.

* Breakout (Egan Ford)
* Columns (Beta) (Han)
* Conway's game of life (Patrice)
* Hangman (tgallo)
* Lights Out (ArielPalazzesi)
* Mastermind (tgallo)
* Minehunt (LarsF)
* Minesweeper (tgallo)
* Pong (Tugdual)
* Simon (tgallo)
* Sokoban (Beta) (ArielPalazzes)
* Solitaire - Baker's Game (Mark Power)

* 1 Utility for Games (Patrice)
* Area of a Fan-Shaped Field (Baseball Field) (Eddie W. Shore)
* Bisection Plus Program (Namir)
* Calculate RL resistor for LEDs diodes (ArielPalazzesi)
* HP Prime: Day Number of the Year (Eddie W. Shore)
* DRAWICON4: 4 x 4 Pixel Picture drawn by Number (Eddie W. Shore )
* Elastic Grids (Damien)
* GRAPH 3D v2.2 (beta, now with trace) (han)
* HP_PrimeCASplus (compsystems)
* Newton's Method (Han)
* Parallel Machine Calculations (jgreenb2)
* PDQ Algorithm: Infinite precision best fraction within tolerance (Joe Horn)
* QPI: convert decimal to p/q, ln(p/q), p/q*pi, e^(p/q), or sqrt(p/q) (Han)
* Solving a Single Congruence Equation (Eddie W. Shore)
* Rectangular to Polar Coordinate Conversion (Michael de Estrada)
* Round a decimal value to fraction using Farey series (Patrice)
* Vertical Curves (cdodds)

* CHIP-8 virtual machine emulator (eried)
* Demonstration program for using CAS with PPL (Michael de Estrada)
* Fractals : Von Koch snowflake (Damien)
* Fractals using Lindenmayer System (Patrice)
* libhpcalcs: portable (Windows / MacOS X / Linux) connectivity kit library (debrouxl)
* Mandelbrot Aproximation (Tugdual)
* PrimeComm: Alternative Windows (Library/Console/GUI) utility to send/convert things (eried)
* Some Graphics (Work in progress) (ArielPalazzesi)
* Ulam Spiral (Tugdual)
* Waterfall Animation (Eddie W. Shore)
* Windows 7 on HP Prime (mic)

As new games/utils are released, I'll update this index.

Answer this with changes, modifications, errors and so on. Wink

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