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Double Sequence App in the Application Library
05-26-2015, 04:23 PM (This post was last modified: 05-26-2015 04:24 PM by Tim Wessman.)
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RE: Double Sequence App in the Application Library
(05-26-2015 04:00 PM)erilas Wrote:  I tried the On-Apps-Esc method to clear the flash memory. It deleted everything except the double app!

Ok, so I am suspecting what you have here something related to the filesystem and the file is not being recognized, is marked as in use, etc. Thus when the ON-APPS-ESC runs, it tried to call the filesystem delete on that file and for some reason that fails/errors. I had a similar thing happen in my windows instance the other day and the only way to delete the thing was to install a special program that allowed the file to be wiped at a low level under safe boot mode...

Anyway, for you it will be much easier. Just reboot the system and hold the three keys with the orange C F O letters. This will get you into the factory test menu, and you can format the drive. No way the file will survive that.

Once you see the "EA656 DIAGNOSTIC" Screen Menu, press 4 for FLS Utility, 3 for Format Disk C

HP Prime reset to factory settings - Press 4 (FLS Utility), and then press 3 (Format Disk C), then ENTER. Once finished, press ESC to back out into the main menu and press 9 to reset and reboot.


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