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Picture and Input
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RE: Picture and Input
The essence of it would be to use the GETPIX_P() to save the contents of your graphic rectangle (in a list or matrix), and then use PIXON_P() to replicate it on the graphic screen. You would PIXON the image just prior to the INPUT. A foreseeable problem is that I don't know what graphics screen the input command uses, but I think I inadvertently did just that very thing, when I was working with my Smith Chart program several months ago. In that case, it was an unintended effect. I didn't want to have the overlay graphic on the input screen! I don't remember the how's and why's, but if it happens again, I'll make note of it.

I don't think the Prime is able to do that normally, it was several rev's ago, and may have been a bug that just happened to have that result. It would be a nice feature, though, especially considering the geographical value.
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