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FREEZE instruction
01-12-2014, 12:35 AM
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FREEZE instruction
Here's the code;
TEXTOUT("1: Var1 ",-15,9);
TEXTOUT("1: Var2 ",-15,7);
TEXTOUT("1: Var3 ",-15,5);

FREEZE definition;
Pauses program execution until a key is pressed. This
prevents the screen from being redrawn after the end of
the program execution, leaving the modified display on
the screen for the user to see.

Well... It does appear to FREEZE the screen, After it prints all 3 vars. If I put WAIT(0) in the code, it waits at var 1, then prints var2 and var3 and then FREEZE's?. I'm somewhat confused. Is this the intended behavior of the FREEZE instruction?
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