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Can prime run Android system?
06-24-2015, 08:45 PM
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RE: Can prime run Android system?
(06-24-2015 09:43 AM)debrouxl Wrote:  FWIW, I already sent a note about the Prime to the person who ported that extremely old Android version (1.6 !) to the Nspire CX (CAS) platform, a while after standard Linux was ported Smile

Besides the older Nspire Clickpad (CAS) and Touchpad (CAS) with a terrible monochrome screen, and the Nspire CM-C (CAS), the Prime is the only other calculator on the marketplace which might be able to run severely outdated Android versions (anything newer is far too heavyweight for our weak calculator platforms)... if said versions can cope with only 32 MB of RAM.
If 64 MB of RAM is a must, then no dice for anything but the Nspire CX (CAS). And I'll lament once more that the fact that the versatility of the '2013 Prime is hampered by having less RAM than the '2011 Nspire CX (CAS).

Simple English summary: No.

--Bob Prosperi
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