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Copying Spreadsheet Columns
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RE: Copying Spreadsheet Columns
cyrille de brébisson datbuteline='1436766436' Wrote:  Hello,

1) Yes, the person writing the documentation has used the calculator :-) but he does not always write the doc when the programming is complete, sometimes he has only incomplete things in his hands at that time

Hi Cyrille

I can see that must make it a little difficult for the person writing the help files if the calc isn't finished at the time. It isn't surprising things don't always match up with the final product.

I suppose HP have their reasons (schedules?) but from the outside it seems like a recipe for disaster running a business that way (as the existence of this thread has proven). Logically it would seem better sense to finish making something then explain to everyone how it works. That's not the fault of the person writing the help files of course, just HP working 'backwards'.

If they're going to insist on working in that way it might be worth them incorporating a 'final revision of documentation now that it is actualy finished' stage to their work flow in order to improve their customers' experience of their products.

Thanks very much for explaining the background to how the select procedure was intended to work and how to use it. I appreciate you clarifying things Smile
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