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08-05-2015, 02:22 AM
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(08-04-2015 11:56 AM)jebem Wrote:  For instance, the German variant of this Classwiz announces 696 functions, well above all the other variants.

One nice touch from CASIO Classwiz is that they also have the keyboard localized.
For instance, the Iberia version has translated keys for the trigonometric functions (SEN instead of SIN).

I had wondered about the use of English language labels on calculators and how great a hindrance that was to users in countries where English is not the dominant language. It is nice that Casio has made the effort to rectify that. I have seen photos of the Classwiz with labels in several languages.

The prior models sold as the 991 series outside the US have been sold as the 115 series here which makes me wonder if Casio is planning to release another variant of the EX in the US as part of the 115 series.

I think the display is a great improvement and I like the constants and conversions being selectable from menus rather than by using a code number. If the 991 just included the functions I'm used to from the 115 I would be exceedingly pleased with it; until then, I'll just be happy with it.
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