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Talking about localization.
Thanks to all that have sent f/w details from their machines.

Some guy have ordered the German version on eBay a month ago and was selling it here on OLX Portugal when he realized that the menus were in German language.
I have asked him to let me know about the f/w version and it is the same as reported by Gerald in the other post related to the international model.

So far, the localization and firmware listing goes like this:


Model        Locale             Firmware         Nb.Functions
fx-991EX   International      CY-235 VerB        552
fx-991DEX  Germany            CY-251 VerA        696
fx-991SPX  Iberia             CY-255 VerA        575
fx-991CNX  China              CY-239 VerA        498 
fx-991ARX  Arabia             ???????            ???   
fx-JP900  Japan               CY-243 VerA        ???
Fx-92 SC  France              ???????            ???

The China version details can be found on TI-Planet and on CNCALC.

The Japan model details are here.

Visually the SPX Iberia and the DEX German are identical, with the exception of the key labels that are translated to Iberian languages on the SPX.

The China and International models are the ones with less number of functions, while the German one sports the most.
That's why I'm planning to acquire a DEX as well to join my SPX.

The Casio French models typically uses a specific designation for that market, and with very specific sub-set of functions based on the International model to comply with the official schools constrains. Details here.
Official advert here.

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