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Unusual HP-80
08-20-2015, 03:11 AM
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Unusual HP-80
I recently acquired an HP-80 with some interesting characteristics. Some of these are consistent with the first version of the HP-80, but some of these I have never seen before. Specifically, this calculator has:
  • "Hewlett-Packard" label (no "80") at foot of calculator
  • Metal strip under screen
  • "ON" and "OFF" lettering in white
  • Serial number sticker at bottom rear (not in battery compartment), seemingly stuck on top of the typical "Hewlett Packard 3.75V 500MW" sticker
  • Serial number date/location code of 1143A, and stamped with "LP 99" instead of five-digit sequence number
  • Raised bump on "5" key, as with early HP-35 calculators
  • Thin lettering on the numeral keys, as with early HP-35 calculators
  • Slightly different key coloration than other HP-80 or HP-35 calculators I have seen
Has anybody encountered this collection of features in an HP-80 before? Iā€™m wondering if this is a frankencalculator, a repair job, or even a prototype.

Photos below....

"Hewlett-Packard" label at foot:
[Image: image1.jpg?dl=1]

Metal strip and white ON/OFF lettering:
[Image: image2.jpg?dl=1]

Serial number ā€œ1143A LP 99ā€:
[Image: image3.jpg?dl=1]

Bump on 5 key:
[Image: image4.jpg?dl=1]

This HP-80 (left) with a typical HP-80 (right), showing slightly different key coloration and thinner numerals:
[Image: image5.jpg?dl=1]

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