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Virtual calculator: "-" maped as +/-
09-01-2015, 05:19 AM
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RE: Virtual calculator: "-" maped as +/-

I do not have the 50g xml format doc around me, sorry and it's too far away for me to remember...

But yes, scan codes vs key presses are a pain in the rear end for emulator, especially when it comes to shift.

Is the shift of a PC keyboard the shift of the unshifted calc key or the PC shifted key?
What to use as a shift? using the PC shift obviously does not work if you need access to the PC shifted key. Are the PC shifted keys really useful? well, on an AZERTY keyboard, all the numbers are shifted!

Can you use ALT as a calculator shift key? well, once again, Alt is used as a PC shift key on some keyboards ({} and [] for example are Alt-Gr 4, 5, ° and + on AZERTY)!

I honestly blame the early PC keyboard design for this, they should have had the KEYBOARD be aware that it is AZERTY/QWERTY and have the keyboard type be transparent to the PC, but they did not and it makes a mess today...

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