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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
09-06-2015, 04:39 PM
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RE: newRPL: Firmware for testing available for download
(09-05-2015 09:19 PM)Claudio L. Wrote:  This is expected. The 49g+ required paperclip reset after flashing. The 50g added the option of pressing Enter.

I probably should have been more specific about what I meant. Even the PCR wouldn't "wake" the calculator; I had to remove/insert a battery to get the system to respond.

(09-05-2015 09:19 PM)Claudio L. Wrote:  The off function does a warmstart for now.

Good to know! Did I miss that in the docs somewhere? I don't recall seeing it. It's OK if it's not (I understand the current status of things), but I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing something.

(09-05-2015 09:19 PM)Claudio L. Wrote:  ...Some bytes were not flashed correctly. In my case I blamed the batteries and put new ones but perhaps if the rom hasn't been flashed in a long time some bits may refuse to be erased or reprogrammed. The second burn with the same bit states seems to do it. Now that I'm reflashing very often the issue never reappeared.

Is it possible that the status of the RTC could be a part of this? Or possibly something in RAM (not flash)? I don't recall ever seeing this type of issue with other firmware updates. Just a thought.
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