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newRPL: [UPDATED April 27-2017] Firmware for testing available for download
09-09-2015, 07:51 PM
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RE: newRPL: Firmware for testing available for download
(09-09-2015 02:24 PM)Han Wrote:  While the current cursor is informative, it makes the command line hard to read because I keep seeing an extra letter (the cursor) which throws me off when quickly glancing at the screen. I think the alpha annunciator's different behaviors would alleviate this problem.

Lately I don't even see the cursor anymore. Give it some time first before passing judgement and calling it a problem. It will take time for you to adjust to the new keys, menus, the alpha mode, etc. If after some time you still believe it's a problem then we'll come up with improvements together.

(09-09-2015 02:24 PM)Han Wrote:  I also think that long and short pressing the alpha key should activate lower and upper case (as an optional setting) in place of pressing alpha multiple times.

I originally had something similar, but long press to deactivate alpha instead of a double tap. When you get used to the keyboard, it's too long to wait for the long press. Double tap is way faster so I decided that long press is only for functions that are rarely used.
The shift keys don't have long press. If the user wants to do shift hold and takes too long to find the other key the long press would kick in inadvertently, so it would put pressure on the user to find the key quickly.
Then we would have short shift with short key, long shift with short key, short shift with long key, long shift with long key. I. Think it's too many shift planes, very confusing. Right now a shift is a shift, then the key can be short or long.

(09-09-2015 02:24 PM)Han Wrote:  EDIT: The fonts do look really nice. I suppose I have gotten used to fonts that have letters being all of the same dimensions. Do you suppose fonts will be user-configurable?

Yes. Fonts are RPL objects, and I have a converter from BMP format to the proper one, so you can edit fonts with your favorite graphics editor in the PC. For now there's no way to change them but there will be eventually.
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